Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions

Next up in our weekly video break — Wendy’s Cold Drink training.  The background reminds me of a Paula Abdul jam….I kept waiting for a cartoon cat.  Just saying.  Enjoy, and Happy Wednesday!


Next up in our tour of hilarious Wendy’s training videos from the 1980s/1990s is “Chili Can Be Served With Cheese.”  Yes that is what it’s called.  Enjoy, and Happy Wednesday!


If you haven’t seen these — no worry.  I will educate you.  In the 1980s/1990s Wendy’s made training videos cool.  There is a series of videos — preserved by YouTube — that poor trainees had to watch during their onboarding to learn how to serve guests at Wendy’s.   I think I first saw these during law school and nearly peed my pants.  So first up is “Hot Drinks!”  Enjoy and Happy Wednesday!