Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions




If you haven’t seen these — no worry.  I will educate you.  In the 1980s/1990s Wendy’s made training videos cool.  There is a series of videos — preserved by YouTube — that poor trainees had to watch during their onboarding to learn how to serve guests at Wendy’s.   I think I first saw these during law school and nearly peed my pants.  So first up is “Hot Drinks!”  Enjoy and Happy Wednesday!

15. 04. 2013

I struggle with this on a regular bais. 325lb+ me would have been elated to be the size that I am. Thanks to fitspo, thinspo, and even people in my life who talk about my size and weight — I am always trying to be thinner and fitter. Not for me, not in a health way — but to “fit in”. Thanks to Kate for putting my feelings into words.


Don’t be these guys 🙂  The Coach amused me because they come in women form too….”I see that you’re walking, you should run.”  “Why don’t you try power yoga, it could jumpstart your clearly stalled weight loss.” — The Show-Off also comes in female form…..