Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions

I struggle sometimes with the perfect application of make-up. I grew up with a slightly reformed tom-boy mother who thought that lipstick and pressed powder foundation was all one needed to get ready for the day. However, I think this v-blogger is onto something….

So I’d avoided the multiple posts that showed a video of a very cute young woman. It was posted by my friends who I know to be activist — and I was so worried it would simply depress me.  That it would make me angry or sad, or both (is “sagry” a thing?  Is that a word?).  However, when I was watching Disney fireworks during my fourth of July staycation – it was the ad before that video (okay can we talk about how sad it is that I’m living vicariously through someone’s Disney YouTube videos?!).


It’s a good ad.  No.  It’s a great ad.  I hate that it’s also hawking period products, but whatever.  It’s a great ad.  Further, I had just never considered the issues that “like a girl” can raise.  I’d never thought about it.  Now that I have its scary the perceptions that I place on my own gender — running like a girl, fighting like a girl, lifting like a girl — and even some of the less obvious like managing like a woman, running for office like a woman.   How can we stop this?  I’m not sure… but dialogue seems to be a great place to start:

So I know it’s been a while — but if you follow me on instagram (and shouldn’t you follow me on instagram?) you’ll know that there is a #noshopsummer craze going on.  I decided to try it out for the month of June, and did fairly well with it.  I only bought some items I needed for work.  I had lost a bit of weight last summer in wedding prep mode, and now that I put it back on I had a closet full of items that I could probably only barely get into last summer but certainly couldn’t wear this year.

However this week, after a lovely trip to the gym — I decided to look around on of our local thrift shop’s, and well …I broke #noshopsummer in a HUGE way!  However, as I was filling my cart with finds I had a little remorse but more of a revelation of how cost-effective thrifting can be.  However, I know many women do not thrift shop for many reasons.  They may be worried about not finding their size, not feeling confident about their purchases, wanting to be up to date on trends, or just not having the time to do it.  But thrift shopping is more than finding gems like these two:

Real Thrift Store Finds (Seriously, I love dogs as much as anyone else…but no.  Please no.  Not even if you are over 65.  And the MJ inspired dressy blouse, I so almost bought it….really I did. *sings Smooth Criminal*)

It can be a legitimate way to update and add to your wardrobe, but in a financially responsible way.  Whether you are a size 26, 12, or 6 — no matter if you are trendy, hipster, or classic.   You can successfully thrift shop!   So I thought I would throw up a few tips I’ve learned through my thrifting journey that might help a new thrifter out.  You should note that my rules really apply to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army styled thrift store — not a higher end one (specialty thrift stores can have higher price points and more limited sizing, so can local consignment shops).  So I am going on the idea that I will walk into a store that is not sized, is perhaps only organized by type of garment and color, and nearly every clothing item is under $5 a piece.  So …

Yep, prepare for battle!  This is all about using strategy to get the best deals you can AND to have the most options at your fingertips.  Most of us do not go shopping daily or even weekly — so you want to try to give yourself the best advantage when you do have time to thrift.

Plus thrifting is a hunt, it’s a battle, so you need to go in more prepared than a normal trip to the mall.  When I go to the mall I know that there will probably be my size; if they are out of my size it may be able to be ordered; and that all the items are new, clean, and in season.  When I thrift I know I will pass by tons of things that are too large or too small, that I will have to take the time to examine the quality of the items (e.g. looking for rips, tears, holes, stains, so on), and that where as I can always walk in and buy a pair of size 10 curvy Macy’s INC jeans — I may wear multiple thrifted sizes.  Here are five things that I’ve learned that aren’t always obvious — but that I’ve found to be true over the years:

thrift shop stratgies

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Happy Independence Day!   I hope you all are enjoying the Fourth of July with your family and friends!   Here’s a great fireworks display at Disney that I found on YouTube — so no excuses to not watch some fireworks today!  (and a great way for those of us who can’t afford a Disney vacation to feel the Mickey magic!)



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Hello Everyone!  Its me — that girl who used to blog!   I promise I have not forgotten this page, but I am making the leap from to a self-hosted blog.  Some big things may be in the works for my family and I, so I wanted more flexibility.  Don’t forget about me! 

Throwback Friday ya’ll!!!   “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.” — LL Cool J

So here’s the deal.  I am almost almost done with classes for the semester — which also means I am almost done with all the required classes I have for my PhD!  Yay!  However, that is why I’ve been MIA since February…..because they are trying to kill me right until the end.  So just know I’ll be back….very soon!

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