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Lap Band Food and Fitness

So this lap band and I have had one long strange trip.  As I’ve written about before (look HERE and HERE) I am, in reality, a lap band success.  I’ve dropped about 10 clothing sizes give or take (I currently range from a size 10-14/M-XL depending on the brand, cut, and make of an article of clothing); and I’ve lost at least 125 pounds and kept it off.  Like all women (er most at least) I bounce around with my actual weight — fluctuating 10-20 pounds depending on the season and how many craps I have to give (currently, not many FYI).

However, while I have found out that my dress size does not equal happiness (in fact, when I was at my smallest I had a nasty tendency to have mini-blackouts while teaching fitness classes and even literally hit the floor one day) during my retirement as a fitness instructor — I have also realized that I simply am not healthy.  I don’t eat, I don’t feel well, I’m quite tired.  Now grated I also do have quite a bit going out outside of fitness, but you just know when something is off.  So to see if it would help — I gave in and tried the Herbal Cleanse only portion of the Advocare 24 Day challenge.   The Advocare 24 Day challenge starts with a cleanse period where you take a set of pills, drink a fiber shake, chug lots of water, and eat as healthy as possible.  I’ll review that later — but one word of advice I would give is to not try to do a cleanse during a month where you are going to not one but TWO out-of-state conferences.  Not wise, but do-able.

The second portion of the Advocare 24 Day challenge is called the MAX phase.  Here you keep eating clean, but add in a bit of dairy, a meal replacement shake, and the MNS Max3 supplement strips.  While not ideal, I decided to try out the MAX phase separately once I was back in town and on a more regular schedule.  I’ll do a separate review of the Meal Replacement Shake — but this one is just on the MAX3 supplement strips.

Another thing I should say — I am not doing this perfectly.   As a lap band patient I am not a normal challenger.  I am not nom noming on Twinkies and McDonalds.  I am not eating potato chips while watching the teeevee.  Not that all challenges are like that — but I say that because many of the success stories you may see are from folks who had really really bad eating and fitness habits.  And just like on the Biggest Loser — if you start eating better and working out, you will most likely feel better and see weight loss.  I have a band that prohibits me from eating like a normal person, but enough vanity where I manage to keep my favorite Oreo’s out of my house because I will eat them and gain weight.  My band is also why I am plateaued for weight loss — I don’t eat.  Here me now — to lose weight you still must eat!  So,  again I say this simply so you are aware — I am not eating the way you should on this, I have not weighed myself, I did not take a before and after photo –because right now I am trying the supplements to feel good enough to try to rework my diet and fitness.  I have to make it to the starting line first, before I begin the race.


Now that I’ve taken care of that…lets tackle this:



Oy. ve.

That right there is 14 supplements all to be taken by Lunch.   FOURTEEN.  That is a heck of a lot of pills.  They range in size and shape — which is important to consider if you are a lap band patient.  We have problems swallowing in the morning.  Many of us can only sip a cup of joe — let alone think about anything sold.   And all of these supplements should be in by lunch.  It’s 10am.  I’ve had a few sips of water, and that’s it.  This is NORMAL for me.  So the idea of chomping down on 14 pills is daunting on a good day, nearly impossible many days.   The supplements are separated into four little white packets.  On the back of the packet is information on when to take the pills.   Here is the breakdown (informational PDF:

Before Breakfast Color Packet

Before Lunch Color Packet

White Packet-Take with a meal

White Packet-Take with a meal

Great!  So umm…what the hell are those pills.  Glad you asked — here is some info on each pill type and the link (if it is a product that can be purchased alone) to more information about them:

Just in case you want to see the differences in the new formula — here is that information: (PDF:

Before Breakfast Color Packet
Calcium Plus – 2 caplets
ActoTherm SR – 1 caplet
ProBiotic Restore™ Ultra – 1 capsule

Before Lunch Color Packet
Calcium Plus – 2 caplets
BioTherm – 2 capsules

White Packet
CorePlex® – 3 caplets
CardioQ – 1 capsule

White Packet
OmegaPlex® – 2 softgels


Review:  So if I can get those pills in — even if it’s at the wrong time.  I.  Feel.  FANTASTIC!

However, it is a struggle to get them in.  STRUGGLE.  I mean you just do NOT want to take any more pills — not one more pill.  NO MORE PILLS.


So for a lap band patient I am on the fence with recommending these.  They could get stuck in your band — they have given me a bit of heartburn — BUT I do feel fantastic if I can get them in.  I feel like I’m working on all cylinders for once.  Those pills plus a nice dose of Spark (I’ll review that separately as well) — I feel like I am mentally alert, and physically able.   However, it is an expensive gamble at $45.95 per 14 day supply.   I wish that the company would create a starter pack — one with just the essential pills (CorpPex, OmegaPlex, ProBiotic Restore, like maybe only two of the Calcium?).  That I think might be more manageable for a lap band patient. See even right now….as I type.  I have a calcium or a ActoTherm stuck right in my chest — ugh.  Not a cool feeling.

That being said if you are NOT a lapband patient or someone who has trouble swallowing pills — umm what are you waiting for?!   Grab a tumble of water and take those MAX pills down — if you’ve been feeling off, sluggish, so on maybe it’s that your body just needs a little boost of the good stuff and I really do like the quality of these products.  A family member who is an MD takes the CorePlex herself, so that has to say something about the products! Feel free to ask me any questions about the products and my experience with them.  I’m a huge fan of being honest about products and with reviews (e.g. I’ll let you know if they suck).  Also please keep the dsclaimer below in mind before you write me and complain that its all smoke and mirrors or ask what med school I went to — there are plenty of negative reviews on and for you to read through to get the other side — I know I did before I drop the chunk of change to pick these up.  Be informed about your health! Now I need more water…to take down more pills (no more pills!).



**NOTE: I am not a doctor –well not that kind of doctor (Doctor of Law baby!).  I am not dispensing medical (or legal for that matter) advice, but writing about my experiences with a product.  I am a current Advocare distributor:  However, I am not being paid to review any of the companies products — nor did I receive any free products for this review. 


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