Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions

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I thought that this article about shopping on SNAP benefits was particularly amazing.   SNAP (aka food stamps) comes with quite a lot of stigma, and very little compassion.  Why not take a moment, snap your listening ears on, and review this article from Brooke McClay (a photographer) who wanted to take a woman on SNAP benefits shopping.  (photo is linked — photo from Death To Stock).  McCray writes:

I look at this list and can’t help but wonder how she’s supposed to do it. If $11 of apples equals two snacks but $3 in Ramen will feed her entire family for dinner, how can she possibly pick apples with her limited food stamp budget? And how will she ever afford to fill half of every mealtime plate with fruits and veggies, the amount recommended by the same government that issued her food stamps?

Does this make you think a little harder about those with SNAP cards?  About the homeless?   About food insecurity?   Maybe or maybe not, but just take a moment to consider it all!