Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions


So my husband hates Key and Peele, but I love them.  I love them because they use their platform to tackle difficult topics surrounding race, flash judgements, stereotypes, and other “isms”.   I don’t find every sketch funny …but I still laugh out loud each time I see the sketches about Luther – President Obama’s Anger Translator (which is really about minorities having to change who they are to be accepted by the majority race), Substitute Teacher (about minority names), and the Football intro sketches that bring in the Substitute Teacher names (I see you Aaron Blake!).   I find the duos willingness to explore such topics and issues refreshing — like a mini version of Dave Chapelle when he tackled white supremacy (e.g. Clayton Bigsby), the 1950s (e.g. Meet the Niggers), and racial tension (e.g. the Race Draft).  So enjoy, even if my husband will roll his eyes!


A bit about Key and Peele from wikipediaKey & Peele is an American sketch comedy television show.[5] It stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, both former cast members of MADtv.[6] Each episode of the show consists of several pre-taped sketches starring the two actors, introduced by Key and Peele in front of a live studio audience. The sketches cover a variety of societal topics, often with a focus on Black-American culture and race relations.

Dear Jimmy Fallon:


Thank you for making my Tuesday morning so much brighter.  Really.  Heart you and Will.


*hums Tom Jones….*



This is deadly accurate, yeah!! Conference calls can be the best and the worst way to get work done. However, you know what is worse now? The video call.  

Ever caught yourself laughing during a video call…at something that is totally not happening on the call? Multitasking with YouTube is ill advised while on video…even if the sketch of the kitten getting attacked by the pet lizard is hilarious! With video conference calls one cannot necessarily be in her PJ’s with my hair all akimbo.  I say necessarily because I could be wearing PJ bottoms, but a nice top.  Though…I’ve never done that on a video conference call…nope..never…..

[Note:  Wanda Sykes uses adult language — sorry]

So admittedly I really like Wanda Sykes.  I think she is witty and just brilliant.  I also love that she did a fantastic job at the 2009 White House Correspondence Dinner (it’s on YouTube if you’d like to see it).  So enjoy todays video, and get a good laugh in on a Monday!

A bitty bio fro our good friends at Wikipedia:  Wanda Sykes (born March 7, 1964) is an American writer, comedian, actress, and voice artist. She earned the 1999 Emmy Award for her writing on The Chris Rock Show. In 2004, Entertainment Weekly named Sykes as one of the 25 funniest people in America.[2] She is well known for her role as Barbara Baran on The New Adventures of Old Christine and for her appearances on HBO‘s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

In November 2009, The Wanda Sykes Show, her own late-night talkshow, premiered on Fox, airing Saturday nights, until it was cancelled in April 2010.[3][4] Sykes has also had a successful career in film, appearing in Monster-in-LawMy Super Ex-GirlfriendEvan Almighty, and License to Wed, and voiced characters in Over the HedgeBarnyardBrother Bear 2Rio, and Ice Age: Continental Drift.

So as you all know I recently watched and fell in love with the film: “Inequality For All”   

I was curious as to who this very well spoken and researched millionaire was in the film.  He is Nick Hanauer — a venture capitalist who only buys a few pairs of pants every year, and was one of the first non-family investors in  

And he has a banned TED talk…..wait…what?

Yes folks, apparently even some talks are too controversial for the good people of TED.  But as Time points out — the topic of inequality is not really controversial.  What I think was the controversial part was that Mr. Hanauer has the street cred to say that the multimillionaires are NOT job creators, because he actually is one!  During the election year of chief job creator Mitt Romney vs President Obama…I can see this ruffling some Romney-loving donors.  However, that is what I always loved about TED.  I love that they have speakers who challenge preconceived notions, who challenge your own world view.  To me, that is the point of learning — is to grow and maybe even change.  Beyond that …here is his talk for this Financial Friday.  


For sake of fairness, here is a Forbes article stating how wrong Hanauer is: CLICK HERE


Let me know what you think — should this have been banned from the TED site and hidden away on YouTube?  Is he saying something controversial, or just stating the facts?

So I appreciate that SNL, despite being under extreme duress, has tried to increase the amount of African-American comedians on their show and in their writting room. The history of comedy as an artful expression in the African-American community is long and historic. Who would deny the impact of even modern comedians such as Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Katt Williams, Dave Chapelle and others (yes yes I do know I focused on males, but in all honesty they have had a larger overall national reach). The new young comedians are taking the torch from the masters including Key & Peele on Comedy Central and now the new (and seasoned) actors on SNL.

Last Black History Month I focused on women of color who had made great contributions to the United States. However, I’ll be honest ….I’ve had a bad January. So I think I’d like to laugh and loose myself for just a few moments. For this February, I will be trying to find some of the skits from African-American comedians that make me smile and laugh; maybe even adding in some information on other African-Americans making strides in media art forms (e.g. TV and Film). I’ll try to post one at least every Monday — so lets start with this piece of satire from SNL. Enjoy!