Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions

“My Freshman college professor always said ‘You’ve got to have a plan’. No matter what you’re doing or goal you’re aiming for, there needs to be a clear definition of what you want and the steps you should take to get there, while being able to clearly analyze yourself at various benchmarks from a long- and short-term perspective. This stuck with me because it’s applicable to anything you’re working on, and it’s the first thing I do when I’m embarking on a project.” —Kimmie Smith, Editor in Chief of Kitten Lounge, Designer, and Spokesperson

Self Magazine has a great article about some of the best career advice they can find.  I have issues with Self (thinspo, fitspo, so on) but I loved some of these quotes, so I’ll be peppering them throughout the rest of January!  Get your inspiration on!

After yesterdays fat girl rant, I figured I should show of some more clothes.  Its odd because at a size range of 10-14; M-L I am in this odd place fashion wise.  I’m too large to be “normal”, but I’m too small to be “plus-sized”.   Plus size models are exactly my size — yep most plus size models are at least 5’8″ (my height) and a 12 or 14.  I can’t wear a two piece from VS, but in my GabbiFresh two piece I’m in the skinny bitch size.  So confusing, so odd, so annoying.

Anyhow, in my ongoing quest to prove you can look cute even if you aren’t a size 2, behold the outfit my husband refers to as — lumberjack preppy with urban swag:


This was worn to our late-Christmas brunch with my husband’s godparents in DC.  So I wanted to look put together, but not overly formal.

Again to talk about budget — the two most expensive items on my body are the LOFT vest and the ADIDAS.  I bought the ADIDAS full price in the spring, and only recently started wearing them.  I bought them to teach dance fitness in, and realized that is a horrid idea.  They are made to be cute — not to do any sort of real work in.  So I finally decided that I would just wear them, age be damned — so what that I’m 31….whatever.  Plus I hate heels, so this works.  I got them from Lady Foot Locker.

Then the vest — well a few days ago LOFT was having a 50% offf most of the store sale, and I had a birthday coupon.  So in I went, and out I came with a bag of cute discounted goodies and this vest.  There was only one left in the store — in my size, SOLD!  What is better than a sweet grey vest with white polka dots, I ask you?!

Beyond that the polo was snagged in the summer during one of Talbot’s infamous Red Tag sales for under $20 dollars, same with the blue beaded necklace which I think cost me a whopping $10.  The jeans I always get from Macy’s because they fit me so well (more on that in another post) and I tend to have coupons.  I live in jeans so I’m willing to pay $60 for them anyhow, since I will wear them out.