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Target: Free Credit Monitoring for their Data Breech

Hey you!  Yes you!   Did you shop at Target in December?  If so, or even if you didn’t, I’m sure you have heard about the breach in their credit card/debit card data security systems.

If you don’t know:

Now you know….

So to try and make amends, Target Corporate announced today that it would offer free credit monitoring for a year, for anyone who signs up on their site before April 2014.

So note the word “anyone” — you don’t have to have been effected by the breach to sign up, you don’t even have to have shopped at Target.  So for those who’s new years resolutions/goals/et. al. include better personal finance this seems like a fantastic opportunity!  The program Target has chosen to partner with is Experian, so it’s a legitimate monitoring program through a legitimate site.

“When I first launched Over 40 Females, someone told me to stay true to my original vision for the company no matter what business matters or details got in the way. That would help me stay focused on what the company is about and in what direction we are heading. It’s easy to get side-tracked and listen to everyone else’s advice, but when you go back to your true self and the dream you first had when you started, you will always figure out the right way to go.” —Judy Goss, Founder of

Self Magazine has a great article about some of the best career advice they can find.  I have issues with Self (thinspo, fitspo, so on) but I loved some of these quotes, so I’ll be peppering them throughout the rest of January!  Get your inspiration on!