Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions

So I’m a skeptic.  I usually have no belief in promises of money coming to me that don’t involve hard work — no home sales, no ponzi schemes, no get rich quick ideas.   Money comes to those who put in the sweat equity for it — as in having a job (or in my case like five…..).

So when I stumbled onto the Ebates website — I was myself…meaning I was doubtful.   Lemme get this straight — I search for the store I was going to buy something from anyhow on the Ebates website, and then as long as I click THAT link and shop from there they will send me a small percentage of my purchase price back to me?   That’s it….click, shop, check out, and get a check?  Just like that…no way!

Yes way.    I just got back one of my nice Ebates checks (the great thing is I forget about them until they arrive in the mail — yay funds!).   Sure for me it was just a $10.77 check, but that’s better than getting NOTHING back on something I was already going to buy!  Now I’m not that faithful EBates person who gets hundreds of dollars (plus PhD poverty means I don’t always buy things that are eligible…like my tons of text books and printer ink)– but I’ve been satisfied with my experiences and its so easy when you remember to do it.

Want to sign up?  Just go HERE and you can — plus its double cash back all holiday season long at some retailers 🙂


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