Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions

I began writing about some of my favorite educational sources on YouTube in August, and then got caught up with trying to start being a PhD student again.  However, there are a few more video makers I’d like to highlight in the coming weeks to help any educator out there find some great media to use in their classrooms.

So far we’ve spoken about Thug Notes and CPG Grey. Today I’d like to highlight the great brothers of Crash Course.

Crash Course!

John and Hank Green create these fantastic videos about either History/Literature (John Green) or Science (Hank Green).  The videos are top notch productions that give a very “cliff notes” type survey of a particular topic.  I stumbled across them while teaching adults, and I love that they put little adult centered easter eggs in the productions that will make you laugh.  However, they are completely appropriate for teens and tweens and may help any person trying to learn a subject recall certain aspects of that lesson quickly due to the visuals.  The brothers have tons of videos that will help out any History (word and U.S.), English (focused on literature), or Science instructor.

Here is one video on U.S. Reconstruction:

Here is one video on polar and non-polar molecules:

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