Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions

So as you all know I am a PhD student, and having taught adult undergraduate courses  — I am ALWAYS looking for ways to allow my students to learn in a fun way.  Even non-traditional college students may not be in the class for the love of learning.  So sometimes you just have to find a way to capture their attention in a way that works.  I’ve found my savior in YouTube.  Over the next few Monday’s  I’ll be reviewing a few of my favorite YouTube channels for education.  They manage to make education informational, correct, but fun.

Thug Notes:

One of my new FAVORITES just on a personal level is Thug Notes.  This is a swag filled take off of the old school Cliff Notes.  Thug Notes reviews critical pieces of literature, utilizing current urban language and slang.  In all honesty they are totally legit, totally complete reviews in a way that some teens and young adults may actually identify.  The language could be iffy for some high school teachers, but for college I say go right ahead.   Here is his review of Jane Austin’s Pride & Prejudice:

Thug Notes currently has reviewed:

Overall I very much enjoy the idea and premise of Thug Notes — and I hope some of you all will too.  So click that little subscribe button for Thug Notes and keep up with his innovative reviews!

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