Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions

So I decided to treat my taste buds to something rich, evil, and certainly off any diet plan I’ve ever been on!  As I pulled into my local Panera Bread before work, I decided that I will not get the power sandwich, or the hidden low-carb bowl!  Oh no!  Today I want good bread, I want cheese, I want BACON!

So I pulled into my friendly Panera Bread and ordered the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on Cibatta:

All-natural egg — freshly cracked every morning — a thick slice of Vermont white cheddar and Applewood-smoked bacon all grilled on freshly baked Ciabatta.

Here it is in all it’s non-diet glory!

2013-04-16 09.23.35

And that is about all I ate of it.  No really.  Seriously.  It was MEH.  It was the most MEH breakfast sandwich I had had in a long time.  And I have eaten protein bars — this was more MEH.  Really really just blah.
So here we go — lemme try to review this….more about the meh sandwich after the jump….
Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.45.31 PM Weight Watcher Points = 14
So my verdict is this totally isn’t worth the 14 WWP+, and not worth the 510 calories.  It was just so blah.
Taste: So meh.  I don’t mind busting through some points/calories/whatever for tasty goodness.  This was NOT tasty goodness.  I was just a sandwich — with very little taste.  The bacon wasn’t crispy in the least, I don’t know where the cheese went, the egg was present but whatever. I just am at a loss for words.  Literally.  I can’t describe with any use of the English language how unimpressive this was.  It wasn’t BAD.  I didn’t smell funny, or taste off.  It wasn’t molded or cold.  I have no blame for the good people working in my local Panera joint.  But it just came out of the lab meh.
So my general verdit is that I wil never order it again.  Ever.  I’ll go back to the Panera Power Breakfast Sandwich — or maybe venture into something else.  But not that.  Heck next time I want to kill 14 points I can go get the biscuit from Hardees that I really want anyhow!  Arg!  I just hate spending points for no good reason!  
So disappointed.  So very troubled with the blah.  
Anyone have any suggestions for take-out breakfast that are tasty and good.  Both decadent and healthy?

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