Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions

My fiance and I have not totally decided whether we will reproduce or not.  Yes I still call it reproducing — because I have a love hate relationship with kids.  I’m impatient.  I’ve seen too many kids with no manners or home training (as we call it here in the South).  I don’t particularly like cleaning up puke.   Regardless  every now and then I am girly enough to wonder what it my fiance and I’s child may be like: smart, maybe too smart; mischievous; intellectual; a smart ass — so on.

However, if I do have a child — I have decided I want this one.  I want this kid.  THIS IS MY FUTURE CHILD.  Because his father would TOTALLY have done this.  Rock on little nerd, rock on with your bad self.

One response to “Video Break: The Kind of Child I want”

  1. tara jae says:

    Home training is so important these days. And this kid, made my day!

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