Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions

I think that one of the hardest things that my fiance and I have had to do is choose a wedding date.  Your date means something.  Your date can rule whether people can attend or not.  Your date pegs you into the season, theme options (beach wedding in the snow? maybe, but far more difficult to pull off), weather for the event, venue…..your date is just plan old important.


So how do dates stack up?  The Knot has a whole article about how to choose the best wedding date for your nuptials.  They break it down into: Symbolism, Season, Price, Holiday, VIP Preference, and No-No Days.  For some couples, they may want to pick their first date, or the first time they said “I love you”.  Perhaps even to get married on a special birthday, or event date.  Some couples really look at seasons — they want an outdoor beach wedding in the Summer, or a wintery wedding in December.  Price is a big factor to most brides, smaller to some.  Getting married in the “high” season of your venue can really increase your costs, over getting marred perhaps in say November.  Some couples want a swanky New Years Eve soire, or a family-friendly 4th of July BBQ.  For others, having Aunt Genni and Uncle Lou who are school teachers there is far more important than anything else — so they may plan dates around school breaks to ensure their presence.  Finally, there are some “no-no” dates.  The Knot talks about avoiding the weekend before Tax Day if one of the couple is an accountant, or for us attorneys out there — right before the end of the fiscal year with billable hours due.

The most popular wedding months are June, August, and September.  October is also a up and comming contestant, and the old school May is still hanging in there.  Even day’s of the week can matter.  Saturday nights are prime, so if you can have a Sunday AM brunch — you might save a few bucks.  Even more if you have a Wednesday night soire, or a Thursday lunch wedding.

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