Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions

So like most women I am addicted to the innovative web-board Pinterist (follow my boards here!), and since I am off from academia for a while I’ve decided to embrace my inner domestic diva and take care of my household!   In any “Pinterist Sminterist” post you will see me trying something I found on the site.  If I tweak it, I’ll let you know.  If I love it, you’ll know.  If it’s a #fail, you’ll know.


When we returned from Christmas up north with the fiance’s family  (and my mom; but that is another post) I realized maybe I should have made that pledge a little later.   Yet for dinner to the internets I went.

Tonight’s Pinterist find: Mississippi Roast from A Perfectly Lovely Ordinary Day.

So this roast only takes a bit of beast, some ranch dressing dry mix, a packet of au jus dry mix, one stick of butter, and some pepperocini’s.  The fiance was totally up for it!

However, admittedly I changed the recipe a touch after reading the comments on the blogger’s page.  This was kind of a hodgepodge of various bits of advice from the other home cooks, and my own ideas:

Also FYI:  For cost savings I used store-brand (Kroger here — no I’m not paid by them either) dry mixes (all three) and I procured my jar of pepperoni peppers from the Dollar Tree (again not paid by them).  A penny saved is a latte (or more funds to the wedding photographer) earned!


Success! The future hubbs loved it and cleaned his plate, the pup enjoyed a few tasty pieces of beef, and I found it to be a great option for pot roast.  I personally didn’t find it too salty (a complaint on the blog) but that could be that instead of butter I used the beer.  I thought it was tender, and I did not use an overly expensive cut of beasty — just the least expensive roast I saw at the local Kroger.

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