Work Ethic…yep we all need to have it. Even you fast-food employee!

So this…. this is so true. (So I love this vlogger, but if you don’t like curse words, just stop now. Just saying…you’ve been warned)




Having worked customer service based positions most of my life, there is just something about scenarios like this that tick me off.  I KNOW how they train you, I’ve helped train folks at the store I used to work at.  Yes you may be having a crap day, yes the person may have yelled at you before then, but seriously — find some work ethic during your day.   Yep, I said it.  Give just a few fucks…because when someone shows you the same lack of fucks you’d be ticked off too! Work ethic, it’s a good thing (insert Martha Stewart here).

*nope no real reason for a photo of Domo in pretzels other than the fact that it exists. Which is good enough right?


Jumping on the Bandwagon: Advocare + Lap Band = ?



*sigh* so yeah. I know I know. This is a bandwagon. Everyone knows SOMEONE who’s tried SOMETHING from Advocare and usually that person is its biggest fan. Super fan. Fan of the Month. They chat happily about things called Slam, Spark, Catalyst, Herbal Cleanse (but only the Peaches and Cream, apparently universally everyone things the Citrus is gross), Max. And it comes on suddenly. BAM! They are a convert!

Usually I try and avoid things that faddish — yes yes I know I am a Zumba(R) instructor. Got it, and I’m retired people.  And I have had an iPhone since version 1….and. Okay okay so sometimes I DO adopt a fad. But when it comes to diet and fitness, I really do try to avoid faddish products. Wheat Belly, Zone, Adkins, blah blah blah. Really if any of these were the panacea they try to make them out to be wouldn’t all of us have been vegan, blood-type, gluten-free, low-carb, high healthy fat eaters by now? To me, the key with diet and exercise is that you MUST MUST MUST find what works for you. Because if you don’t like it, or believe it in it — if you slip up you will crash fast and hard into a pile of your favorite foods and a Law & Order marathon.

As a weight loss surgery patient, I know how to go to extremes for thinness er…health. Yeah. Health. *smirk*  I literally had life altering surgery, that installed a random piece of hardware into my body to try to achieve some source of dietary control. (and thinness, don’t forget the American dream of thinness)  More on that in later and previous posts (like say HERE).   So when I saw this whole Advocare mess, I just sigh and scroll right past it in my news feed.   Well…until a high school friend joined the bandwagon.  She’s one of the most honest and trustworthy folks I know…so when she started talking about it.  I kinda started to listen.  She had been really really tired….hey wait.  I’m REALLY REALLY tired (which could be due to said lap-band, but…).   She said this whole 24-day program had given her great energy, and on top of that she happened to slim down.  Hrm.  Really.  Now the key to this is that this girl is beautiful anyhow, and did not need to lose one pound.  But she felt better.  And that is what was very intriguing for me. Then I found MORE trustworthy friends who tried Advocare and loved it.  Both friends are Advocare distributors, but never tried to push a sale.  They just told me

I’ve felt like crap for a while.  I don’t eat horribly,  and even though I don’t teach fitness classes any longer I do still take my own butt to the gym to work out in ways that makes me happy.   But I just couldn’t shake the “I feel like crap and I’m tired” feeling.   I tried doing a regiment of supplements, and though I did feel better I also felt like I was eating pills all day.  And with a lap band, pills aren’t your friend.

So my friend had a few boxes at her house and I scooped up just a box of the Spark Energy Drink and the Herbal Cleanse which is the first 10 days of the 24 day program .  The website lists Spark as:

AdvoCare Spark® Energy Vitamin & Amino Acid Supplement.  KEY BENEFITS: Enhances mental energy and focus; Provides support for long-lasting energy; Helps fight occasional drowsiness; 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients; Sugar-free and only 45 calories

They list the Herbal Cleanse as:

Herbal Cleanse Metabolic Cleansing System.  KEY BENEFITS: Helps rid the body of toxins and waste; Supports improved digestion and thorough internal cleansing; Provides 10 grams of fiber per day; Helps remove impurities from the body; Supports healthy weight loss; Recommended every 90 days.

Now for my one soapbox.  Yes I know the word cleanse is a fad word, and so is “eating clean”.  Both terms come with some nutritional mumbo-jumbo and lots of dietary shame (so if I don’t eat clean, I’m dirty?!).  However, just know I am aware of this while I try these products out.  Know I’ve read articles about this company (yep its a multi-level one, just like any other Direct Sales program (including one I am a member of), about the products ( is great to hear the real deal on products), and about nutrition (like this great article HERE).

SO, with all that being said — how about we get ready for my journey in seeing if this fad-appearing program works for me.  Word of caution — this will be about a real person taking these supplements.   A real person with a real lap-band.  I plan to modify the program when I need to, and I know I’ll mess up.  I have a real life — one filled with work meetings, lunch meetings, dinner meetings, conferences, angry lap-band days, and so on.  My life will never have 10 fantastic days where I can follow this to the letter, but I’m going to give it a try.


#likeagirl – The Like A Girl Movement

So I’d avoided the multiple posts that showed a video of a very cute young woman. It was posted by my friends who I know to be activist — and I was so worried it would simply depress me.  That it would make me angry or sad, or both (is “sagry” a thing?  Is that a word?).  However, when I was watching Disney fireworks during my fourth of July staycation – it was the ad before that video (okay can we talk about how sad it is that I’m living vicariously through someone’s Disney YouTube videos?!).


It’s a good ad.  No.  It’s a great ad.  I hate that it’s also hawking period products, but whatever.  It’s a great ad.  Further, I had just never considered the issues that “like a girl” can raise.  I’d never thought about it.  Now that I have its scary the perceptions that I place on my own gender — running like a girl, fighting like a girl, lifting like a girl — and even some of the less obvious like managing like a woman, running for office like a woman.   How can we stop this?  I’m not sure… but dialogue seems to be a great place to start:

Broke by thrifting design

How A Thrift Shop Broke #noshopsummer

So I know it’s been a while — but if you follow me on instagram (and shouldn’t you follow me on instagram?) you’ll know that there is a #noshopsummer craze going on.  I decided to try it out for the month of June, and did fairly well with it.  I only bought some items I needed for work.  I had lost a bit of weight last summer in wedding prep mode, and now that I put it back on I had a closet full of items that I could probably only barely get into last summer but certainly couldn’t wear this year.

However this week, after a lovely trip to the gym — I decided to look around on of our local thrift shop’s, and well …I broke #noshopsummer in a HUGE way!  However, as I was filling my cart with finds I had a little remorse but more of a revelation of how cost-effective thrifting can be.  However, I know many women do not thrift shop for many reasons.  They may be worried about not finding their size, not feeling confident about their purchases, wanting to be up to date on trends, or just not having the time to do it.  But thrift shopping is more than finding gems like these two:

Real Thrift Store Finds (Seriously, I love dogs as much as anyone else…but no.  Please no.  Not even if you are over 65.  And the MJ inspired dressy blouse, I so almost bought it….really I did. *sings Smooth Criminal*)

It can be a legitimate way to update and add to your wardrobe, but in a financially responsible way.  Whether you are a size 26, 12, or 6 — no matter if you are trendy, hipster, or classic.   You can successfully thrift shop!   So I thought I would throw up a few tips I’ve learned through my thrifting journey that might help a new thrifter out.  You should note that my rules really apply to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army styled thrift store — not a higher end one (specialty thrift stores can have higher price points and more limited sizing, so can local consignment shops).  So I am going on the idea that I will walk into a store that is not sized, is perhaps only organized by type of garment and color, and nearly every clothing item is under $5 a piece.  So …

Yep, prepare for battle!  This is all about using strategy to get the best deals you can AND to have the most options at your fingertips.  Most of us do not go shopping daily or even weekly — so you want to try to give yourself the best advantage when you do have time to thrift.

Plus thrifting is a hunt, it’s a battle, so you need to go in more prepared than a normal trip to the mall.  When I go to the mall I know that there will probably be my size; if they are out of my size it may be able to be ordered; and that all the items are new, clean, and in season.  When I thrift I know I will pass by tons of things that are too large or too small, that I will have to take the time to examine the quality of the items (e.g. looking for rips, tears, holes, stains, so on), and that where as I can always walk in and buy a pair of size 10 curvy Macy’s INC jeans — I may wear multiple thrifted sizes.  Here are five things that I’ve learned that aren’t always obvious — but that I’ve found to be true over the years:

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